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Growing Bright & Healthy Fuschia Plant

August 25, 2010
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Bright Red Healthy Fuschias

Fuschias are naturally upright but have been bred to produce those types with weak stem so that they are perfect for hanging baskets (as seen in the picture). Fuchsia flowers are considered to be unique with brilliant two-tone colors that appears in shades of red, white, pink, and or even purple. There are several varieties around such as ‘Cascade’ which is especially suitable for hanging baskets.

Fuschias generally can only tolerate mild temperatures, which are not too cold or too hot. They will do best somewhere in between and therefore locating them around areas, which are partially shaded, should be the best. In order to ensure proper care for the plant, one of the most important aspects is to ensure that it will always has sufficient water. It has been recommended that during the summer, watering should be done at least twice a day until the water begins to drip from the bottom of the container. Carry out moisture test on the soil regularly and if found that the soil is too dry, water the plant immediately. Ensuring that the soil is always moist is the key to having healthy fuschias.

Fuschias also need to be fed regularly. Slow releasing potassium fertilizers are a better choice compared to liquid type because the regular watering regime will usually drain out the fertilizers fast. Therefore, using the slow releasing type will ensure that fertilisers are always present in the soil. Usually presence of yellowish leaves will indicate that the plant is underfed. With careful observations, signs of underfeeding can be detected fast.

Another thing about caring for fuschias is to check the plant regularly for pests and disease. Therefore, weeding must be regularly carried out to eliminate possible hosts for insects and disease and allow the flowers to receive the full benefit of the available moisture and nutrients. Consider applying pesticides to get rid of the stubborn pests.

Planting fuschias are usually carried out in early spring so that the plant will have enough time to establish before winter. Using well-drained soil with moderate humus content is a must. Fuschias can be grown from seeds but this will take time and is more suitable for experienced growers. Another method is to use cuttings to grow the roots and of course the easiest way is to buy stock direct from nursery.

Fuschias in tropical countries generally need less attention while for those in colder climate; this could be a problem. Usually before winter comes, a person must limit on the watering and application of fertilizers the latest by end summer. Consider mulching and bring them inside and place in warmer spots to prevent the plant from being damaged by frost.

Certain people prefer planting upright fuchsia in the ground or in pots to create border plantings. The plant should be properly spaced out few inches apart to ensure that it is easy to maintain and enough space for proper growth. If properly cared for, fuschias will usually bloom during summer to produce nice looking flower.

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